Eggs Collecting Gathering Holding Apron for Chicken Hense Duck Goose Eggs Housewife Farmhouse Kitchen Home Workwear (Kid Small)



3 POCKETS: The beautiful and convenience alternative to the basket apron with 3 Specially stitched pockets, and the 4L * 3W perfect pocket size can hold the eggs securely. Hands free and no more needing a chicken egg basket that breaks chicken and duck eggs in your coop

COLLECTING APRON: Our eggs collecting holding apron can be used for gathering hense egg,duck eggs,teal eggs,goose eggs,quail eggs. Also can be collectiong small cute things, like oranges,strawberry or other little fragile things need collectable.

STRONG POCKET: The material of the eggs holder with pocket is thick, strong and resilient and able to withstand the wear and tear of being on the farm. And the eggs holder could holds up under pressure and strain.

HELPFUL EGGS APRON: This eggs apron can help you keeping eggs safe while you can also do other work in the farm or kitchen at same time,waterer, chick brooder, incubator, heat lamp, feeder, nesting pad, and candler and accessories.

CONVENIENCE APRON WITH POCKET: The convenience apron with pocket could gather eggs from your chicken coop while filling your waterer and feeder with eggs kept safe. The measurements and ages in the pictures are approximate. Go by the measurements NOT the age. These ages are approximate. Sizing depends more on the actual size of the person.

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